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studioONEthirty Announcement

I thought about a ton of cliche quotes I could open this with and decided that I let you think of your own. So stop right now and imagine a really cheesy quote about change or moving forward or carpe diem or something, got it? Good.

Alright, now that weve got that out of the way I wanted to let you in on some MASSIVE changes happening around here

Most of you know that I (Nathan) own both Nathan Peel Photography and Fyrefly Photography. Both companies have been amazing to watch grow and change and serve more and more clients. Both companies have found their own place in the Cincinnati wedding world and I am incredibly proud of what they have become. About a year ago, I hired Michelle Kinne of Blue Dahlia Events to manage our studio and bring a face (other than mine) to Fyrefly Photography. Her role with Fyrefly has expanded over this year and basically by the end of 2012 she was doing so many amazing things that I couldnt imagine Fyrefly without her, like ever.

So we put our heads together and started to dream a bit. We asked questions like What would it look like if we joined Blue Dahlia Events, Nathan Peel Photography and Fyrefly Photography together? and What if we separated our roles across all three companies and you do what youre good at with each and Ill do the same?.

So we did.


Whats that mean?

Glad you asked. It means that as of today Michelle and I are officially partners in a new venture called studioONEthirty, LLC. This umbrella company will house BDE, NPP and Fyrefly all together under one roof physically, legally and financially. Michelle will be handling lots of the operating and financial responsibilities while I will be handling lots of the vision and marketing side of things. We still will both continue to serve as an event planner and photographer respectively.

So whats that mean for current clients?

In essence, there wont be much that current clients will notice. Current weddings that we have planned will be executed the same way they would have if we hadnt changed anything. We may unveil some new products or services that they can take advantage of but really, imagine a less boring way of saying business as usual.

Whats it mean for future clients?

It means that we are getting AWESOMER! Thats right, I said it. We are currently brainstorming and crafting ways that we can make these three companies work together while still maintaining a level of individuality among the brands. Lots of business speak here, but basically we want to bring the same love and care that each of us brought to our own little companies and use it to create something even better. At the end of the day youre still hiring Fyrefly or Nathan Peel Photography or Blue Dahlia for your wedding but the behind the scenes should be set up to provide better services at better cost to you. Win/!

What the?

Yeah, us too a little. Were still ironing out exactly how amazing everything is going to be 1, 5 and 10 years from now but one thing we know for certain: its going to be amazing! Were excited for the future of the companies and for our partnership. The fit is incredibly natural and in a lot of ways weve already tested out this process over 2012.

Thanks for being a client/observer/friend/family member/acquaintance/blog stalker/spammer/whoever else you are that had you find your way to this post!

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