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Katherine and Marty | The Phoenix

I have promised myself I am going to start writing a little less in my blog posts because I know everyone wants to just get on to the pictures. It’s so hard because I want to tell you all the fun details about the wedding and the couple and it’s hard to just fit it into a couple paragraphs. It’s going to be really difficult, but here goes…

Katherine and Marty are the kind of gracious and caring couple that you would expect from a couple Southerners. Their class and heart was evident at every turn as their concern was always for their guests. At one point, as the DJ was telling everyone to stand on their feet to welcome them into their reception, Katherine even motioned to the crowd as if to say, “Sit down, no need to make a big deal about us.” I found it humbling. Even in a moment that they fully deserved all the recognition, they were still concerned with everyone else. Very refreshing.

As you can see the wedding was gorgeous. St. Peter in Chains is such a awe inspiring church and The Phoenix is a classic and beautiful place for a reception. Paul and Alex from Fleur de Lis Events & Design created one of the most stunning atmospheres for a wedding that I have been a part of. They even arranged all of the florals for the whole day! Unbelievable work. The couple were both Kentuckians (my kind of people) and met at University of Louisville (their least desirable trait). The centerpieces all had a very elegant Southern horse stable feel to them and the table place cards were all custom cut paper glued to horseshoes from Churchill Downs…how cool is that?

All in all, this wedding was one I will remember for a while. Katherine and Marty, their friends and family, the details…all of it was so special. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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