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studioONEthirty Announcement

I thought about a ton of cliche quotes I could open this with and decided that I let you think of your own. So stop right now and imagine a really cheesy quote about change or moving forward or carpe diem or something, got it? Good. Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way I wanted to let you in on some MASSIVE changes happening around here… Most of you know that I (Nathan) own both Nathan Peel Photography and Fyrefly Photography. Both companies have been amazing to watch grow and change and serve more and more clients. Both companies have found their own place in the Cincinnati wedding world and I am incredibly proud of what they have become. About a year ago, I hired Michelle Kinne of Blue Dahlia Events to manage our studio and bring a face (other than mine) to Fyrefly Photography. Her role with Fyrefly has expanded over this year and basically by the end of 2012 she was doing so many amazing things that I couldn’t imagine Fyrefly without her, like ever. So we put our heads together and started to dream a bit. We asked questions like “What would it look like if we joined Blue Dahlia Events, Nathan Peel Photography and Fyrefly Photography together?” and “What if we separated our roles across all three companies and you do what you’re good at with each and I’ll do the same?”. So we did. Huh?

What’s that mean?

Glad you asked. It means that as of today Michelle and I are officially partners in a new venture called “studioONEthirty, LLC”. This umbrella company will house BDE, NPP and Fyrefly all together under one roof physically, legally and financially. Michelle will be  handling lots of the operating and financial responsibilities while I will be handling lots of the vision and marketing side of things. We still will both continue to serve as an event planner and photographer respectively.

So what’s that mean for current clients?

In essence, there won’t be much that current clients will notice. Current weddings that we have planned will be executed the same way they would have if we hadn’t changed anything. We may unveil some new products or services that they can take advantage of but really, imagine a less boring way of saying “business as usual”.

What’s it mean for future clients?

It means that we are getting AWESOMER! That’s right, I said it. We are currently brainstorming and crafting ways that we can make these three companies work together while still maintaining a level of individuality among the brands. Lots of business speak here, but basically we want to bring the same love and care that each of us brought to our own little companies and use it to create something even better. At the end of the day you’re still hiring Fyrefly or Nathan Peel Photography or Blue Dahlia for your wedding but the behind the scenes should be set up to provide better services at better cost to you. Win/win….win/win/win/win/win!

What the…?

Yeah, us too a little. We’re still ironing out exactly how amazing everything is going to be 1, 5 and 10 years from now but one thing we know for certain: it’s going to be amazing! We’re excited for the future of the companies and for our partnership. The fit is incredibly natural and in a lot of ways we’ve already tested out this process over 2012. Thanks for being a client/observer/friend/family member/acquaintance/blog stalker/spammer/whoever else you are that had you find your way to this post!


Picking a wedding photographer is a lot like dating. You are looking for the perfect match for your wedding and in order to find “Mr./Ms. Right” you’re gonna have to talk to more than one. The problem is you don’t want to let the one you are talking to know you are talking to a couple others. See, just like dating:) But if we lived in a world where we always said what we wanted to say (which we don’t) you would just come right out and say “So, what makes you different than the other photographers I’m dating?” Instead of playing coy, why don’t I just relieve that first date tension and tell you…
1. I’m laid back. I don’t have a loud personality, I don’t have any routines prepared to make you smile and I certainly will not be the center of attention at your wedding (that’s you, remember?). I’ve been told that I have a calming effect, which comes in handy on a day when you’re likely to not feel so calm. It’s who I am, love me or hate me (but seriously don’t hate me, we’ve only just met).
2. I believe in real. Does anyone like looking at pictures of themselves where they look like someone propped them up, sprayed their face with a waxy substance and molded it into a horrible smile? Maybe someone, but not you. Your personalities and interaction with each other should be at the forefront of the pictures. I want you to look like you love each other and are enjoying yourself at your wedding. After all, that is what is really happening.
3. I want your pictures to last. This kind of goes back to being authentic. You should be proud of your pictures when you show them to your grandkids. The pictures shouldn’t feel overly trendy or photoshopped or texturized or whatever the latest style is. Your pictures should represent your day: the colors, the emotions, the people, the mood…the last thing it should do is represent the latest trend that’s on it’s way out in 15 minutes. I think the word I’m looking for is timeless, yeah, that’s it.
4. This is all I do. There are lots of photographers that are only photographers. How many are only wedding photographers? Look around on my blog. I photograph weddings and engagements, that’s it. Oh, and sometimes I make ridiculous photographs of my kids or friends. And I only photograph one wedding a weekend, so your wedding gets the individual attention it deserves.
5. Simple is always better. I don’t offer packages or collections or conglomerations or commissions or boxes of wedding paraphernalia, sorry that got kind of out of hand. I let you pick what you want. Everything’s “al la carte” so you don’t get stuck making place mats out of the forty-seven 8x10s that you never really wanted in the first place.
See I am different and special and just like little snowflake. Don’t believe me? Just ask my parents and my second grade teacher. Obviously, there are things on this list that you might love or might make you not want me as your photographer and that’s ok. (But look at how cool I am looking up at this post from below. Super cool.) Find the perfect photographer for your wedding and when you do get down on one knee and say, “I’ve known all along that you were the one. Will you be my wedding photographer?” Trust me, it won’t be weird at all.
*If you think I might be the right wedding photographer for you click on “CONTACT.” in the top right corner to fill out an inquiry.

Here We Go.

Excerpted from….

“It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don’t. They sit in front of the TV and treat life as if it goes on forever.” Philip Adams

There is a point in life where everyone must decide a path they are going to pursue.  We will never have all the information. We will never be able to plan for all the possible outcomes. There isn’t an amount of calamity insurance that can protect us from the worst. Sometimes you have stop weighing the options and just decide that this is where you are going to go, this is who you are going to be. So here I am, deciding that this is where I am going to go, this is who I am going to be. Today I am making the incredibly scary and exciting announcement of a BRAND NEW wedding photography brand called Nathan Peel Photography. Here’s the details: NATHAN PEEL PHOTOGRAPHY ( Over the last few months my services have seen an incredible jump in demand. It is good to be in demand but without boundaries on my time and energy, my family are the ones who end up paying the price. In order to try to be fair to my business and my family I am creating Nathan Peel Photography (clever, huh?). So what’s the difference? Glad you asked: This brand will feature my personal services exclusively, if a couple wants to guarantee that I will be the one photographing their wedding then they will book me through Nathan Peel Photography. This will allow me to value my time and talent more appropriately and ensure that those couples who love what I do have the opportunity to secure me for their wedding. It basically means that I get to be even more myself than I am right now. Nathan Peel Photography will be about me being me:) FYREFLY PHOTOGRAPHY ( Starting with weddings in 2012, Fyrefly Photography will become a wedding photography team with 2-4 lead wedding photographers trained by me. These photographers will have worked weddings with me on several occasions and will know how I operate on any given weekend. When they shoot a wedding they will hand off their images to a central image editor and album designer who will process everything in the same style that Fyrefly is known for. Essentially, the business side of things will operate the same way it’s always operated but there will be a couple of extra photographers available on any given weekend to shoot weddings. This allows us to keep our collection pricing the same (if not a little bit cheaper!) without compromising quality. However, there will be no guarantee up front of the exact team photographer that will shoot a couple’s wedding. If you’re curious, we will feature our team photographers in a blog post at a later date. I will still shoot wedding with Fyrefly but as a member of the team. This will allow me to keep my schedule open to shoot those wedding that come along through NPP. THE SHORT VERSION If you jumped to this section because you don’t like reading, welcome:) The short version of this story is Fyrefly is for couples who like our style but need to keep their wedding photography budget around $2500-3500. Nathan Peel Photography is for couples who love what I do and want to ensure that I will be the one photographing their wedding. You really can’t go wrong with either one. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I absolutely LOVE having the opportunity to do what I do for a living. I am really excited to bring a few more people into the wonderful world that is photographing weddings. I am also excited that I get to make our unique style and experience available to more people. I am really proud of what we do and I can’t wait to share it with more and more couples! Thanks for following/supporting/loving/encouraging me as I take some risks…here’s to the future!