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Kerri and James | Northside and OTR

I don’t need to say much about how incredible this couple is, because you can see it on camera (but I probably will anyways). From the minute we had our first conversation about this engagement shoot I knew I was going to love them. And then we she broke out the red dress & boots, then the blue Anthro dress & red shoes I knew I REALLY loved them:) Kerri and James are both in the creative world, which in some cases can be intimidating for a photographer. Not with this couple. They were both so laid back and fun to be around. They fit so well together. One of my favorite questions to ask during an engagement session is “What draws you to each other?” I love hearing couples talk about why they want to be together, it’s so good for my soul! Kerri said, “I love his childlike passion for life. The way kids act when opening presents on Christmas morning is the way James acts about anything he likes as an adult”. And James said, “I love all the little quirky things about her that I see when no one else is around. It’s the little things she doesn’t share with the rest of the world I love the most”. How much do you love those answers? Kerri and James, I loved the time we spent together. You are beautiful in so many more ways than just on camera. Your love (and like) is real and I am honored to have played a small part in the process. Here are some of my favorites from our time together:  

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  1. arielle says:
    not sure how i found your site, but you do some awesome work! love the concept/design of your site as well. take care!

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