How to say a girl is hot?

Keep it elegant with “You’re ravishing” or be more forthright with “You’re so hot.” “You’re absolutely irresistible.” “You’re stunning.” “You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.”

How do you compliment a hot girl?

250 Cute Compliments For Girls To Make Them Feel Special
  1. You make thoughtful choices in life, and they are worth appreciating.
  2. I am so happy that our paths crossed and we met each other.
  3. There's no way that an extremely cute girl like you exists in this world. …
  4. Your creativity and artistic ability just blow my mind.

How do you describe a girl that she is hot?

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  • Tell her she's enticing. …
  • Tell her she's captivating. …
  • Tell her she's alluring if you feel her sexiness actually drawing and luring you to her. …
  • Call her sensuous when the flirtation gets really deep and it is only a matter of time before you both seal the deal.

How to text a girl shes hot?

You could try:
  1. “You are so perfect. I can't hide my feelings any longer—you're just too stunning for me to shut up about it.”
  2. “Your beauty moves me in a way that's hard to explain. …
  3. “Getting to see you is the highlight of my day. …
  4. “I apologize if this is a little bit forward, but I think you're totally gorgeous.”

Is it OK to tell a girl she’s hot?

In sum, it is always appropriate to tell your wife/girlfriend/significant other that she is hot but best to avoid saying it to anyone else. The hot ones know they're hot so you're not telling them anything they don't already know anyway. But you can think it all you want!

How do I flatter my girlfriend?

Compliment your girlfriend on her personality, something admirable she said or did, or how she looks (like her attributes or outfit). Say something like, “You’re very trustworthy. I admire that,” “You look great in that outfit. Is it new?” or “It was really nice of you to help Carrie with her homework.”

How do you tell a girl she is looking hot?

“You know, I think you might be the prettiest girl I’ve ever talked to. I just can’t get over how cute you are.” “Everything about the way you are just drives me totally crazy!” “I know it’s totally cliché, but I really do think you might be the most beautiful girl in the world.

How can I impress a girl in one word?

How to Impress a Girl with Words
  1. 1 “Spending time with you is my favorite part of the day.”
  2. 2 “You look ravishing tonight.”
  3. 3 “My heart stopped when you walked in. …
  4. 4 “You’re beautiful inside and out.”
  5. 5 “You’re such an amazing catch.”
  6. 6 “You’ve got me hooked. …
  7. 7 “You’re insanely inspiring.”
  8. 8 “You always make me smile.

How do you admire a hot girl?

  1. Everything about you is worth knowing.
  2. There’s really no need for you to wear makeup. …
  3. You are the spark that ignites me.
  4. I’m drawn to your warmth and intelligence.
  5. It’s lovely that you lead a life of simple living and high thinking.
  6. You make life so worth living.
  7. Your voice is so mesmerizing.

What to say to tease your girlfriend?

I can’t believe you like Twilight, we can’t be friends anymore.” “We could never be friends, we’re both too stubborn.” “You are such bad news, I don’t know if we can hang out.” “You’re too nice, I would corrupt you.” Disagree with something she said. Playfully turn your back to her.

What words can make a girl blush?

Make her blush by flattering her a little.
  • “I really love the way you think. Please tell me you write all these incredible ideas down.”
  • “Ugh, I’ll admit it–you’re funnier than me. 😂”
  • “You have this gift of making other people feel really happy. …
  • “You’re really beautiful, but I think what drew me in most was your spirit.”

Is hot a sexualized word?

If you describe someone as hot, you mean that they are sexually attractive or sexually desirable.

How do you feel the hottest girl?

10 Ways To Feel Like The Hottest Girl In The Room
  1. Stop obsessing. We girls can often be our own worst enemies, which is pretty disastrous for our self-esteem. …
  2. List your best qualities. …
  3. Wear red. …
  4. Fake it. …
  5. Have a last-minute workout. …
  6. Revamp your look. …
  7. Accentuate your best features. …
  8. Pamper yourself.

How to flirt girls?

To help you build a genuine connection with your crush, try these expert flirting tips.
  1. Be yourself (!!) …
  2. Ask thoughtful questions. …
  3. Open up about yourself, too. …
  4. Smile and say hi when you see them. …
  5. Use subtle body language. …
  6. Maintain eye contact. …
  7. Be honest and straightforward. …
  8. Suggest hanging out in a group.

What questions make a girl blush?

These questions will let her know you are into her and make her blush with excitement!
  • What is the perfect date?
  • What do you love most about yourself?
  • What do you like about me?
  • What superpower do you wish you had?
  • Do you like to flirt with guys?

What flirty questions to ask a girl?

Flirty Questions to Ask If You Wanna Get a Little More ~Intimate~
  • What is your love language?
  • What is your biggest turn-on?
  • Major turn-offs?
  • Do you like to make the first move?
  • Do you think you’re a good kisser?
  • Who was your first crush?
  • Thoughts on cuddling?
  • How did your last relationship end?

What to say to a girl to make her blush?

Things to say to your girlfriend: 6 adorable things that will make her blush!
  • You look cute when you smile. Advertisement. …
  • I love you. …
  • I wish I could see you right now. …
  • I appreciate your efforts. …
  • Sorry if I hurt your feelings. …
  • Let me help you.

How can I flirting a girl?

How to Flirt with Girls in Person
  1. Use Confidence. If you’re going to flirt you absolutely have to be confident. …
  2. Put Your Best Foot Forward. …
  3. Approach Her the Right Way. …
  4. Use Proper Eye Contact. …
  5. Use Your Body Language. …
  6. Ask About Her Interests. …
  7. Compliment her. …
  8. Use Your Humor.

What do you say when a girl looks hot?

2 “You’re so alluring.” 3 “You’ve got that special something.” 4 “Your eyes are enchanting.” 5 “I like the way you think.”

Use a synonym for sexy.
  1. “You’re captivating”
  2. “You’re absolutely irresistible.”
  3. “You’re stunning.”
  4. “You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.”

How can I secretly flirt with her?

How to Secretly Flirt with a Girl over Text and IRL
  1. Include flirty emojis in texts or social media posts.
  2. Make eye contact and linger for a moment when you see her.
  3. Compliment her—over text and in-person.
  4. Ask her open-ended questions to show you’re interested.
  5. Listen to her to make a real connection.

What can I say to make a girl blush?

Things to say to your girlfriend: 6 adorable things that will make her blush!
  1. You look cute when you smile. Advertisement. …
  2. I love you. …
  3. I wish I could see you right now. …
  4. I appreciate your efforts. …
  5. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. …
  6. Let me help you.

How can I flatter my girlfriend?

Compliments for women
  1. Your mind is just as sexy as your beauty.
  2. I miss your smile.
  3. You’re an amazing friend.
  4. I can’t believe I found someone like you.
  5. I get excited every time I see you.
  6. I love making you laugh.
  7. You’re my best friend.
  8. I’ll always have your back.

How can I look hot?

How to be sexy? 6 tips for women to look sexier and feel confident!
  1. There is nothing sexier than eye contact.
  2. The inner you also needs to be sexy.
  3. Keep your hair in place.
  4. A red dress is always magical.
  5. Wear high heels.
  6. Use the magic of your touch.

What do you call a hot lady?

babe. noun(offensive) attractive woman. bathing beauty. beauty queen. cover girl.

What is the hottest part of a woman?

Nearly half of the male respondents (46 percent) voted for the face as the most attractive feature of a female. This was followed by the butt (18 percent), hair (11 percent) and legs (9 percent).

How do I know if I am attractive girl?

So, if you want to know if you are truly attractive, take a close look at both your physical appearance and your personality traits. Chances are that if you are confident and kind and use positive body language, like maintaining good eye contact and posture, others will find attractive qualities in you.

How HOT Girls Want You To talk To Them

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