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Alisha and Mike | Hyde Park/Eden Park

Alisha and Mike are a great couple. They showed themselves to be troopers too when they braved the heat for our Hyde Park and Mt. Adams engagement session on Tuesday night. Even though it was hot, the light was gorgeous and it made for some fun picture times. As we were walking I asked them both the question, “So what draws you together?” Mike’s immediately said, “God.” and then followed with, “Everything just fit, it was meant to be.” How incredible of an answer is that? Then Alisha quickly said, “His eyes.” Again, great answer:) There is just an ease about their relationship, nothing feels forced. Mike’s right, they just fit. Alisha and Mike, thanks for an incredible evening of conversation and pictures. You guys are amazing and I am so excited for you as you fly off to Cancun next February for your amazing destination wedding! Here are some of my favorites from our time together:    

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Andrea & Bill | Hyde Park

Ault Park and Hyde Park | Cincinnati, OH Bill and Andrea are such a great couple.  The two hours we spent together on Sunday night just flew by as we talked about sports, crime dramas and living in Oakley.  I love that they live 1 street over from me, for some reason I always feel this bond with people from my neighborhood.  It’s like we all know this little secret about how great of a neighborhood this is:) Despite all their worry about how they would look in their pictures, I think we answered the question: incredible.  Here are my favorites from the day: