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Kara and Ken | Cincinnati Music Hall

As soon as I walked in the door she said, “I’m not feeling very well, I think it might be something I ate…or nerves.” The thing is, you couldn’t tell. Kara was such a sweet and fun bride. If she was feeling any stress it certainly didn’t show. She was ready to marry the guy of her dreams and nothing was going to stop her, not even a little upset stomach. “Surprisingly, I’m not nervous at all.” Ken said when I saw him for the first time at the church. He knew he wanted the rest of his life with Kara and this was a step toward getting there. He laughed with his friends, chatted with his future father-in-law and generally seemed unaffected by the gravity of what was going to happen in the next 15 minutes. Then it hit. He sat on the first pew of the church by himself. Thinking. There was a look on his face, not a frightened look, more of “the time is now” look. It was sinking in. Music began to play. Grandmas. Moms. Bridal party. Cute kids. The back doors closed one final time. A change in the music signified what was coming. Everyone stood, the doors threw open. She is radiant and prepared for the short walk to fulfill her lifelong dream. By this time her nerves had either passed or she perfected hiding them because she was a rock. “I was fine until I saw her back there with her dad” Ken admitted later. As I swung my camera around to capture him seeing his future wife for the first time he lost it. Joy and anxiety and love all rolled into a tear filled smile. This was the moment. The one that will change the direction of their lives forever. He was ready. Kara and Ken’s wedding was one of high anticipation and it did not disappoint. St. Monica/St. George in Clifton was the perfect backdrop for their beautiful ceremony. Cincinnati Music Hall Ballroom was exactly what they wanted for their reception: beautiful, classic Cincinnati and BIG (they had 425 guests!). Everything was just right and we had fun creating some pictures throughout the day. Kara and Ken, you are such a beautiful couple and your love for each other shines at every turn. I loved the choreographed dance you prepared for your first together. It speaks to how great of team you guys make! Needless to say, you have such a strong and loving supporting cast around you in your friends and family, all 425 of them:) It shows what kind of friends and family you are to each of these people. You are loved and there is nothing is this world that can overtake that. Thanks to Kelly from Cinci Makeup for helping make everyone so beautiful and to the whole crew at Cincinnati Music Hall for making 425 people seem like 125. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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