Which state is the best to live in financially?

Researchers at the personal finance publication ranked the 50 states based on scores in five categories: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. Massachusetts topped 2022’s list, touting a score of 62.65 out of 100. New Jersey came in second, dropping from the top spot last year.

What is the cheapest and safest state to live in?

But when considering the cheapest and safest places to live in the USA, Kansas is a great option.

What is the #1 best state to live in?

The personal finance website has come up with a ranked list of the top 20 best states to live in for 2022. Here are the results! The top state is Massachusetts, which ranked first in the nation for education and health, fourth for safety, sixth for quality of life, and 10th for its economy.

What state is cheapest to live in?

Most Affordable States to Live in 2023
  • Alabama.
  • Arkansas.
  • Georgia.
  • Indiana.
  • Iowa.
  • Kansas.
  • Michigan.
  • Mississippi.

What is the cheapest state to buy a house?

1 cheapest state to buy a house in 2022: Iowa. Iowa came in at the top of the list with the lowest average median household income it takes to be able to afford a house. The largest housing markets in the Midwestern state include Des Moines, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids.

What state has the nicest people?

Minnesota takes top spot, thanks to its extraordinarily friendly residents. It’s called ‘Minnesota Nice’ for a reason – the atmosphere in the Twin Cities and beyond is hard to match, with a homey feel and locals who go the extra mile to welcome tourists.

What is the hardest state to live in?

What are the 10 worst states to live in 2022?
  • Indiana. USAT. …
  • New Mexico. USAT. …
  • Louisiana. USAT. …
  • Missouri. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) …
  • South Carolina. USAT. …
  • Oklahoma. USAT. …
  • Texas. (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images) …
  • Arizona. USAT. Life, Health Exclusion Score: 67 out of 325 points, Grade F.

What state is #1 in quality of life?

The complete list of the Top 10 states for well-being — and their scores in the index — is as follows: Hawaii (64.8) Alaska (64.1) Montana (63.8)

Which US state is least in debt?

Total debt per capita in the U.S. was $55,480 at the end of 2021, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The states where people have the highest per capita debt-to-income ratios are Utah and Alaska — while the states with the lowest per capita debt-to-income ratios are West Virginia and New Mexico.

What 3 states have the highest cost of living?

Missouri had the 9th lowest cost of living in the United States for the third quarter 2022. In general, the most expensive areas to live were Hawaii, Alaska, the Northeast, and the West Coast. The least expensive areas were the Midwest and Southern states.

Which state is cheapest to buy a car?

The verdict is fairly unanimous: New Hampshire is the cheapest state to buy a car. Autolist explains that the state doesn’t charge sales tax on vehicles. In addition, the site reports that fees are low and insurance costs are low too.

What is the 2 cheapest state to live in?

2. Kansas. The great state of Kansas is the second cheapest state to live in with a score of 86.5. Housing is particularly affordable, coming in as the third-cheapest housing costs in the nation with the median cost of a single-family home at around $176,898.

Why are Texas houses so cheap?

More Relaxed Codes & Regulations

A few states across the country have relaxed building codes, and Texas is one of them. Endless permits and red tape do not hold up developers and construction crews. Consequently, homes are built faster, increasing the supply and keeping overall home prices more affordable.

What is America’s prettiest state?

Home to nine national parks (more parks than any other state in the country), California is undoubtedly the most beautiful state in America for natural wonders.

What is the happiest US state?

These 10 states received the highest Happiness Scores:
  • Hawaii.
  • Connecticut.
  • Massachusetts.
  • New Jersey.
  • Minnesota.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Washington.
  • Utah.

What is the unhappiest state?

These are the five unhappiest states, according to the ranking:
  • Alabama.
  • Louisiana.
  • Kentucky.
  • Mississippi.
  • Arkansas.
  • West Virginia.

What is America’s safest state?

Safest States in America
  • Vermont. The safest state in the USA is Vermont. …
  • Maine. With a population of 1,362,359, Maine is one of the safest states in the country. …
  • Rhode Island. Another one of the safest states in America is Rhode Island. …
  • New Hampshire. …
  • Utah. …
  • Hawaii. …
  • Minnesota. …
  • Washington.

Who does the US owe most to?

The public holds over $24.29 trillion of the national debt. 1 Foreign governments hold a large portion of the public debt, while the rest is owned by U.S. banks and investors, the Federal Reserve, state and local governments, mutual funds, pensions funds, insurance companies, and holders of savings bonds.

Is any state debt free?

Well, the state finally managed to pay off the debt from one year’s deficit from over a decade ago, when voters approved $14 billion in borrowing to cover 2004’s shortfall. The state ultimately accumulated $5 billion in interest and fees on it. But now California is officially debt-free… from its 2004 budget deficit.

Which state in USA is cheapest to live?


Coming in as the cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi with a cost of living index score of 83.3. It also has the lowest average housing costs in the nation at 33.7% below the national average.

What state has the lowest auto tax?

What states have the cheapest tax on cars? There are five states (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) that don’t pay any sales tax at all when purchasing a car. Four other states (Oklahoma, North Carolina, Colorado, and Alabama) pay less than 3.5% in sales tax when they buy a car.

What state has the lowest house cost?

West Virginia

West Virginia tops the list of the least expensive homes in the country. With an average price of just $98 per square foot and listings selling for an average of $140,000, that home along one of the state’s scenic highways may be more affordable than you thought. A property tax rate of just .

What state has the lowest cost of living?

Let’s take a tour of the 13 cheapest states to live in.
  1. 13 Cheapest States to Live in for 2023. Here they are, folks: …
  2. Mississippi. Mississippi is the cheapest place to live in the United States, with a cost of living 15.6% lower than the national average. …
  3. Oklahoma. Let’s head west! …
  4. Kansas. …
  5. Alabama. …
  6. Georgia. …
  7. Ohio. …
  8. Iowa.

Why are houses in Texas made of brick?

The reason is simply geography and geology. As any gardener knows, our soil is loaded with clay, which is not great for gardening but is excellent for brickmaking. There is a large vein of clay that stretches across the United States from Central Texas, across Oklahoma and Arkansas, and up into Virginia and Maryland.

Top 10 BEST STATES to Live in America for 2022 (Stay to the end for extras)

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