Nathan Peel Photography

About Nathan

You clicked on the About Me button. You are officially a stalker. Since you want to be all creepy and learn more about me here you go… The most important part of my life is my family, so I’ll start there: I’m a husband to a woman who is entirely too good for me. Somehow I’ve tricked her in to staying with me for the last 10 years and I’m hoping she doesn’t get wise anytime soon. She has given me the two funniest little human children I have ever met. When my son Ryan says something inappropriate I put on a scolding face while my stomach hurts from the inside laughs. My little girl Lily has wild hair and talks nonstop (except when she is screaming). She’s precious. I love them them more than I can put sentences to. You’ll find the best pharaohs fortune free play here, you have time to get it! The rest of my non-business, non-family life is probably a lot like most of you…it revolves mostly around Apple products, good food and good music. I liked iPods, sushi & documentaries before it was cool. And I really like living in an more urban area. When Edie and I first got married we lived in the suburbs for 4 years before I realized that it made me question my reason for being everyday. So I convinced my wife that we should move closer to the city and now I feel like getting up in the morning.  Something about the city inspires me and gives me energy…maybe it’s the car break-ins and weird smells. My life has recently been defined by taking risks. Before a few years ago, I lived a life that was full of safe. Then I started a new business and safe went out the window. I tried to take pictures and create a business model that people hadn’t seen before. I wanted to be laid back, offer great service and take some of the stuffiness out of portrait & wedding photography.  It seemed to have resonated with a few people because I got really busy. I realized that if I ever wanted to see those people I talked about in paragraph 1, I would need to continually strive for a business that allowed me to focus on only a few clients a year. So Nathan Peel Photography was born. NPP is about being myself. I know that I am not for every couple and every couple is not for me. And that’s ok. NPP is about saying, “This is me. If you like who I am and what I do, then let’s work together. If you don’t then there are 7 billion other photographers out there (that estimate may be a little high) and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.” To sum it up, I am trying to do what I love and letting the rest work itself out.  One important thing I would want you to know is that life is less about what you are and more about who you are. Somedays I live like I believe that and somedays I don’t. So, creepy stalker person, that’s me. *If you want to really know who I am I often post meaningless things about my day on a social networking site called Twitter, maybe you’ve heard of it?  My Twitter name is@nathan_peel.